About Alex

alexmgelman Alexander Gelman is not only a writer of both novels and non-fiction, he is a keeper of stories in the grand tradition of a Village Storyteller as thousands before him. Alexander’s experience with business and the law is balanced by his love of sailing and his oenophilic love of wine giving him a unique voice to tell the stories of people that define the American consciousness. As a composer and performer of classical music, he has looked to the grand traditions for inspiration in both his music and in the interpretations of the wisdom of the characters whose stories he collects.

Alexander is an principal attorney at his law firm and international lecturer on legal issues and has served as a temporary judge, college instructor and a sailor. His published works include Communicate and Stories of Greenbean County. Alexander is a proud father and loving husband. He and his wife of 35 years Peggy live in California, seeking inspiration in all they encounter.