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In every life, we meet a prophet, one who either with humor, or pointed message directs us forward on a path religious or not. I met such a prophet. I met him on a bus called the “L” Line. These are his tales. The meaning would be yours.

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About Alex

Alexander Gelman has worked as a lawyer, managing Trial Attorney, Temporary Judge, college instructor, and sailor. He has published books on Communications, and Medical/Legal Issues. He continues to be an international lecturer in the fields of Legal/Medical issues. Living in California he continues his search for the real question with his wife Peggy of 34 years.

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A journey in thought brought to us by a most unusual character on a bus. A real pleasure reading it.

Art C

Company : SRISD Press

A thoroughly compelling piece of story telling and modern thought. I enjoyed every word.

Joseph A

Company : Amazing Book Reviews

Top notch authoring. I laughed and I cried, sometimes even at the same time.

Ellen K

Company : Society Book Reviews

I only wish I could have my picture painted by the Prophet.

Jose I

Company : ILR (International Literary Review, Mexico City)